Honeycomb Cargotm

We are changing the way the world moves hazardous material.

​•  There are currently more than 300,000 legacy tank cars riding the rails in North America today
​•  Each tank car costs between $180,000 and $220,000 per unit in the current North American market
​•  All of the tank cars being built today have a common 45 year old single-entity design flaw ​
•  A single puncture or breach leaves the entire 30,000 gallon payload vulnerable to leak and explode 
​•  Regulatory rules mandate 90,000 of these legacy tank cars will be retired in 5 yrs beginning in 2017 ​ 
•  Honeycomb Cargo solutions are designed to protect the cargo from leakage and explosion​
•  Honeycomb Cargo solutions combine a distributed architecture with a shock absorbing material
​•  Honeycomb Cargo solutions cost significantly less than the legacy tank cars available today ​​  
•  Honeycomb Cargo solutions save money by reducing the tank to tank transfer steps in transloading
​•  Honeycomb Cargo solutions leverage existing Intermodal infrastructure (Road, Rail, Marine & Air)
​•  Honeycomb Cargo solutions are easy to build and deliver and can be used around the world
​•  Benefits include massive cost reduction, reduced stress on infrastructure and increased safety

We have created a revolutionary design and are working hard to deliver the Next Generation of Hazmat Packaging and Transport solutions to the market.  Our patent pending designs have passed all of our internal tests with amazing results.  We are currently in dialogue with leaders in the railroad, chemical and petrochemical industries to help us navigate through several new design initiatives to meet the specific needs of highly sensitive hazmat market segments - including the transportation of crude oil, ethanol, lithium and other highly hazardous materials.  The flexibility of our architecture enables us to create build-to-order solutions that scale to any size and shape imaginable. If it can be shipped, we can protect it. 

We have developed a very compelling business plan that not only focuses on our ability to manage a highly profitable enterprise but also reflects the value and cost optimization of our intellectual property that reverberates through the customer's own business models.  Our solutions provide our customers with a very tangible and measurable reduction in capital and operational expenditures.   

For more information please contact Joe Parrilli at jparrilli@honeycombcargo.com or on 770-363-5312​